It certainly goes without saying that without your professional skills I would not be able to have achieved the honor of making the Olympic team, let alone the AAU meet in L.A.

I will certainly be indebted to you for all your help, when you took under your wing an athlete far from home and need of help fast.

Mike Durkin – 800 meter Olympian


I just wanted to thank you!! I’m running pain free for the first time in years thanks to you!! You diagnosed “divergent diastasis” in my left foot – and I’m pain free!! You’re the best!!
~ ~ ~
Really appreciate you and your staff going above and beyond the call of duty to perform some blood tests uncalled for by my foot problem. This kind of special attention along warrants my telling other prospective patients about it. Thank you for your helpfulness.


I was recently able to complete and finish the New York Marathon in my best time ever. I feel that this was all due to the fact that I was able to train hard without any problems from my plantar fasciitis. I certainly could not have done this all with your orthotics. I wear the orthotics continuously and do well. When i do not wear these I have a significant amount of plantar fasciitis within the next 24 – 48 hours. You certainly have sold me on the usefulness and therapeutic importance of orthotics. Again, thanks for your time and thank your entire staff.
Best Regards,
Kevin M. Ehrart, M.D